Staying on top of Microsoft Azure developments


Microsoft will always have something up. Sometimes, we’ll even have to exclaim – “What?! Again? What is this for?” We were trying to find out the best video that expresses what the Microsoft Azure really is and an easier way to understand it is – helping you out with the workload.



In the video, we can relate to what technology and the business that you’re into could probably get your hands full. The operating system that you need to worry about and make sure it’s updated to work properly along with the applications that the work performance of the operations rely on. It needs to be protected from viruses and spywares too. Security will always be a threat to business and not just to that computer you expect to work for you – it affects the whole thing.




Another factor that keeps you busy at times is Network or networking within the computers in the company. One needs to make sure that the wired or wireless connection are constantly in shape – no errors, no server or router or cable malfunctions so the efficiency of every task is not affected. It freaks every employee out when there is internet connection outage! Well, it does too even out of work but imagine when you have lined up certain tasks to accomplish by the end of the day and everything just goes wrong because of some DNS error. Or the performance of your website can get you into trouble.


The storage is very sensitive of attention. It stores important files, details that is the soul of the company. The business moves because of what it has. While its arms are its people, the output, information, presentations, each documentations that the arms create become the business’ soul. Imagine how chaotic it becomes in the office if that certain contract that was sent via email could not be found? You can’t easily tell the client to resend it because you lost it especially when it needs to be discussed in a conference in a few minutes. The file should have been stored in a safer place. Same thing happens when you’re working on a website that serves your product or application. It can mess up clientele expectations should the storage mess up.


Microsoft Azure can actually lighten up the burden. Because you see, your applications are your reason for having to go through all these. The application you cater to your clients or users is your product that means it has to be delivered in a way it will create an appeal to the market.

The Microsoft Azure can handle the burden in taking care of all these factors that are causing too much hassle in delivering to your users/viewers. The video has said it all, well probably not enough to others but a perfect and easy overview on what it can do to help out manage services for your business to go a long way. There are just many solutions coming out right now to help us out. It pays to be vigilant when it comes to having a say on some of them. Talk to Acrodex about Microsoft Azure.



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