It’s funny how techy and non techy people fill the room and talk about stuff both parties may have their own understanding with. There are certain ways in understanding new terms or the metaphors in technology. It can’t be understood with just one sitting. It takes time. With this post, we’ll be sharing again some videos aiming to share a deeper and easier way of getting right into the cloud and how all these stuff works with Microsoft Azure.


Here goes another fun way of learning the way to the cloud through Microsoft Azure. Bill Lodin here describes the cloud as “the latest step in the evolution of computing”.




SAAS (Software As A Service) is mentioned in this video. Then again to highlight its meaning, someone else provides the software for you, they host or manage IT services and all you have to do is access it online. Convenience then again and although it may sound complex, it has made the workload lighter.


Virtualization is one of the highlights in this video as well for a better understanding with how Microsoft Azure works. It is a package of everything that your application needs and be able to run it anywhere around the globe. Servers according to Bill can be shared by many applications and these apps can run virtually in many different servers.


With the CLOUD, Bill stresses out that SAAS can be taken advantage of as much as to be able to customize your applications anywhere you need them to.


This is where Utility Computing is inserted as another advantage. What again is utility computing all about and what does it have to do with the Microsoft Azure in the cloud? It refers to paying for something that is used. We probably have mentioned this in the previous post.


So let’s cite another example. When making outgoing phone calls or even when receiving them, that’s the only time we are billed for the extra, right? Although when on unlimited package of the same network, there wouldn’t be extra charges at all… But then again, according to Bill, if you are popular, you get to be charged from calls from all other networks even from around the globe.


This example is very much applicable with utility computing. When your application is popular, you get charged with it being busy. But that is a great thing for your app though. It means good for business. Actually – great is the perfect term.


So the Cloud being the metaphor for Microsoft Azure explains that having a package with convenience to be able to access from anywhere to your advantage too. Then again, yes, it may sound complicated at first but at some point, when you aim topnotch, you’ll get the hang of it somehow.


So should there be more questions you have in mind as Microsoft Azure is not very easy to grasp at first, please feel free to let us know or visit our pal – www.acrodex.com for more info of getting things done right into the cloud.

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